I am a senior level compositor and compositing supervisor, with fourteen years of professional experience working on film, episodic and commercial projects. 
My strength as an artist is that I am a versatile individual who is able to pick up new skills, software, and concepts quickly and who loves a good challenge as much as I love a new adventure.
I come from a traditional art and design background having studied film, storytelling, and the principles of animation.  I also started my career as a 3d generalist, so I am not afraid to crack open Maya to whip up a quick model and export some geo back into Nuke.  As much as I miss navigating via the radial menu, nodes have found their way to my heart.
When I'm not in front of a digital device, I am all about the analog world and getting outdoors as much as possible. In my down time, I endeavor to bake the perfect banana bread, brew the perfect cup of coffee, get lost in some form of side project (knitting, photography, illustrations), and stay active with running, cycling, and pilates. I also recently completed my pilates teacher certification, so I also love teaching!  Ultimately I like learning, trying new things and challenging myself in new ways.
You need your furniture in a box put together?  I'm your woman!  You need chocolate whiskey cupcakes for that special someone's birthday?  Give me a couple hours! Need advice on your first marathon?? I've got a lot of great tips. You need that tricky shot completed and you're not exactly sure how all the pieces fit?  Let me at it! 
Thanks for visiting, and if you think I might be a good fit for a project you have, I'd love to hear from you!